Account Manager

From SoDash

An account manager supports you in getting the most from SoDash and acts as your main point of contact at the company. If you have the services of an account manager in your SoDash package, you can expect the following from them:

  1. One face-to-face training session each year
  2. Four hours of screen share training sessions each year
  3. Telephone contact each month (or as frequently as agreed during sign-up)
  4. Email support Monday-Friday 1000-1800.

Your account manager will help you set up your streams; advise on tag-sets and training the AI; provide answers to user queries, and act as the administrator for your workspace. You will receive release notes from them a week before each new release, along with any notes to help you use new features.

Account managers do not usually answer technical queries about SoDash. For these or reporting bugs, please contact Technical Support.