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Instagram is an social media service, specifically for mobile photo and video sharing. Media that is generated on Instagram can be shared on other services, such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Instagram was launched in 2010 and is now owned by Facebook.

Searching Instagram

Instagram content is tagged with strings of single-word identifiers. Because of this, Instagram will only allow you to search for one word. Any subsequent words will be ignored by Instagram and no results will be returned. Therefore, search for single words and use the wildcard symbol * to account for any phrases, e.g. "throw*" would return images tagged with "throwback", "throwbackthursday", "throwforward" etc.

If you want to search by location, Instagram will not allow you to search for a keyword at the same time.
Therefore if you search "sushi near:Edinburgh" SoDash is unlikely to display any results.

Posting to Instagram

As of August 2015, Instagram does not allow users to post photos from desktop devices. Therefore you cannot currently post to Instagram from SoDash.

Commenting on Instagram Images

Commenting on Instagram items is not supported in SoDash