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SoDash gives you constant unlimited access to your social media data and allows you to run a report on any range of data. The only limit is your imagination! Look for the Report-bluebg.png graph icon to run a report as you move around your SoDash workspace.

You can schedule reports to run regularly, send an email with the report link, and SoDash gives you the option to view your reports interactively online or download them as pdf, csv, or excel files.

The Reports Menu Statsnav.png


The reports menu gives you quick access to all of your reports. In the All section you will find all of your reports and be able to produce a comparison report.

All - View all of your past and future reports regardless of type. This section also allows you to create a comparison report.

Scheduled- View any reports created for the future, or have scheduled a report to repeat.

Traffic - View all traffic reports.

User - View all user reports for both social profiles and SoDash users.

Team - View all team reports.

Report Types

Team Reports Report team.png

Team reports are designed to measure your internal teams' effectiveness. This report type shows how many messages users are sending and their response time statistics. Create one by visiting the Reports area in the menu and clicking the Report team.png button.

User Reports Report user.png

User reports give you easy to read information about any social media profile's activity, popularity, and engagement. You can create a user report by clicking on the Report user.png button in the Reports area or on any profile's page.

Traffic Reports Report-bluebg.png

Traffic reports can be run on any stream, breaking down any time period by any of your tag-sets. Use this report to measure volumes, sentiment, topics etc. Create a traffic report from any search or stream by clicking on the Report-bluebg.png button at the top.

Schedule A Repeating Report

Once you've created any report, set to it repeat for the same date period into the future by clicking on Repeat this report. Cancel the repeat by clicking Stop repeating.

Note: You cannot repeat a comparison report.


Export A Report

You can export any report created in SoDash to a Pdf16.pngpdf file, Table.pngcsv data file, or Excel16.pngexcel spreadsheet. Click on the download links in the Reports menu